Midrange Systems

Future Tech’s Midrange Solutions Team can help you harness the power of midrange systems to redefine total cost of ownership across your IT organization. Whether it’s setting up a network of departmental systems or migrating your mission-critical applications from your legacy systems to more affordable, scalable midrange systems that run on an open architecture and promote a distributed computing environment, we’ll help you find the solution that fits your needs.

Designed to simplify your infrastructure and enhance productivity, these midrange systems provide enterprise-class performance and availability for mission-critical applications. They can run on your backend system and interface with your core business applications—such as your ERP or SAP systems—more efficiently and cost-effectively than a monolithic mainframe system can.

Because it’s possible to consolidate as many as 100 legacy servers into one midrange server, midrange systems can drastically reduce the burden of support, increase reliability, and reduce your total cost of ownership. You save time and money by better managing hardware and infrastructure tasks, such as performing server upgrades and centralizing backup and recovery measures.

Regardless of the size of your organization, there’s a midrange solution that’s right for you. Small- to medium-sized businesses can implement a highly reliable, cost-effective solution that yields the power of enterprise computing at a fraction of the cost and resources. Large organizations can still harness the power and benefits of mainframe systems, while introducing midrange solutions that allow them to consolidate multiple servers and reduce the operational costs associated with maintaining legacy systems. The midrange server supports an identical workload and serves the same applications while reducing hardware costs and increasing uptime.

Implementing the right midrange systems can reduce costs, improve scalability, increase reliability, and ensure serviceability. Talk to your Future Tech representative and let our Midrange Solutions team help you capture the benefits of midrange systems today.