Efficiently Control Your Print Management with our Software Solution

Future Tech puts the power to contain your printing costs into your hands with PrintFleet, a dynamic network interface that finds IP-addressed copiers and printers and records the actual number of prints your organization is making. You can now control printing costs by keeping an accurate, up-to-the-minute meter read that is accessible to you 24/7. In addition, PrintFleet sends an alert when a printer needs repairs or has low supplies, and it indicates those printers that are swallowing your financial resources – helping to minimize waste, save resources and improve efficiency.

PrintFleet is vendor-neutral. It can be used with any hardware in any enterprise with networked color and monochrome printers located anywhere in North America.

You Want

Lower Operating Costs:

Printers are only 10% of the cost of printing. Printing expenses include supplies, asset management and IT support. PrintFleet places these costs on one monthly invoice so they can be allocated and controlled.

Added Value:

We not only supply the printers but assist you in their operation so you can focus on the real business at hand.


Technology upgrades and additions help you stay current with changing technology; easy upgrades at the end of the program.


One contact is responsible for all aspects of your printing needs.

Easy Installation:

No firewall changes are required, and communication to the server is one-way, so it will not drastically affect network traffic. It can be installed on a workstation via PrintFleet IT staff with your permission.

Superior Quality:

External communications must be high quality and exude excellence – that’s where you gain a competitive advantage.

Improved Impact:

Make a positive first impression with top-quality print materials and reap the rewards of stronger partnerships and alliances.

Controlled Costs:

Pay-as-you-use means no capital purchase required, per-print costs based on monthly volumes across the organization, and costs are spread evenly on a monthly basis.

Future Tech delivers all of these and more with the comprehensive managed services offering called ViewPort™ DMS. As one of the components in our ViewPort Suite of solutions, PrintFleet offers a variety of flexible enrollment plans, each designed to improve organizational efficiency and help streamline printing costs and overages.

With an estimated 20% of all calls to an IT help desk being printer related, isn’t it time you learned more about managed print services?

PrintFleet Program Guidelines
  • Supports all network color and monochrome printers
  • 12, 24, 26 and 48 month program terms
  • No minimum purchase required
  • Includes all OEM manufactured supplies (except throughput materials)
  • Includes full service on-site maintenance
  • Black and white prints billed at lower rate on color printers
  • Usage profile reporting for all mono and color products; summary reporting on print volume and ink coverage per printer
  • Buyout option at the end of program if requested
  • Ease of entry plans
Cost-per-Print Flexible Plans
  • Monthly minimum with customized print volume and an overage charge for all prints above the minimum
  • No monthly minimums for legacy fleets with supplies and service agreements
  • Pooling plan combines a fleet of printers into one monthly minimum and/or one common monthly print allowance; this smooths out peaks and valleys in your usage patterns and allows for low use areas to be charged the same cost per print while not being penalized (pooling is only available for ‘like’ printers (sharing the same monthly print volume and click rate) which are installed within a 60 day time frame)
Automated Program

With PrintFleet, all network printers automatically send meter reads, usage reports and consumables
notification to the PrintFleet Server. That means you don’t need additional personnel to gather reads, order and track supplies, generate a PO and gather approvals. Plus there’s negligible downtime: once notified, supplies are shipped within 24 hours, and our IT specialists are available any time.

PrintFleet cost-per-print lets you focus on your business while we focus on your printers. For additional information on how PrintFleet can meet your cost-per-print needs, contact our sales team at (631) 472-5500