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Written by Bob Venero, President & CEO, Future Tech Enterprise Inc. February 15, 2018

Recently, Fujifilm announced its plans to acquire Xerox, a deal valued at $18 billion. According to various Wall Street projections, there are many more mergers to come this year.

Whether it’s M&A activity or the launch of disruptive technologies, change is constant in every business. And, how you manage it is often the difference between long-term success and immediate failure.

A Strong Track Record of Simplifying Change

For more than 20 years, Future Tech Enterprise has helped companies to navigate change and address their most demanding IT challenges, such as simplifying network collaboration, enhancing cyber security, improving adaptable and elastic resources, like data centers, or managing staffing needs.

We’re a valued IT solutions provider for financial institutions, global security companies and equipment manufacturers. Schools and universities value our ability to offer best-in-class products, and comprehensive consultative services, including staffing support.

We’re also helping numerous hospital and health service networks to optimize their IT infrastructure, driving improvements in customer care and responsiveness.

“By designing and installing Virtual Offices in our Pediatric Unit, Future Tech has helped us redefine the standard for pediatric care within our industry,” said Richard J. Murphy, President & CEO, Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center.

Choosing the Right Partners

Change is constant. It’s rarely easy. But working with the right partners can make your IT challenges a bit easier to manage. When selecting business partners, a few smart topics to address include:

  • Consistency – Do they have staff consistency and minimal turnover?
  • Knowledge – Do their representatives have a comprehensive knowledge of your business?
  • Access – Are they available when and where you need them? Can they provide rapid response in emergency situations?
  • Proven Track Record – Do they have a strong financial position? Are they investing in additional services to deliver the right customized solutions?

With capabilities in more than 170 countries and an offering of 700 manufacturer product lines, Future Tech is well suited to help companies manage change and optimize performance. Tell us how Future Tech can help your business.