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Written by Bob Venero, President & CEO, Future Tech Enterprise Inc. February 22, 2018

Data breaches are happening with alarming frequency. When assessing cyber security preparedness, companies should start by asking two simple questions:

Are we satisfied with the level of protection we have for our data?
Can we tell customers, with the utmost confidence, that we’re doing the absolute best we can to protect their information?

For most companies, the answers to these questions are nuanced. They’re usually balancing their investments in new equipment with the desire to maximize returns on older units that are still productive and cost efficient. Or, they may not be aware of all potential vulnerabilities.

Below, I’ve highlighted best practice recommendations and some of the latest equipment that can help enhance cyber security.

Get security team support

Most organizations take cyber security seriously. They will invest in developing security policies and introducing new technologies. Often, these good intentions backfire, resulting in an overwhelming amount of ‘noise’ being generated by security tools. Sysadmins become inundated with security alerts, some benign, and some requiring immediate attention. A SOC (Security Operation Center) solution is the perfect answer to the operational aspect of cyber security. Outsourcing SOC operations to a 24x7x365 security operational team will allow organizations to rest easy knowing that their environment is constantly being monitored for threats.

Have many layers of defense

While a perimeter solution like a network firewall is still required, it won’t defend against spear phishing attacks nor identity theft. It’s not going to secure online accounts from fraudulent transactions. A multifaceted approach is needed. Next-generation solutions leverage behavioral analysis technology. This assists in identifying zero-day attacks based on immediate behaviors, thus stopping attacks in their tracks. We’re doing a lot of work with Dark Trace’s Enterprise Immune System. Aside from the compelling user interface, the product uses machine learning AI, which can learn what is normal and what is abnormal inside a network on an evolving basis, without using training data or customized models. This allows it to detect cyber-attacks that may not have been observed before.

Remember, threats are everywhere

This exceptional video from HP highlights how hackers can take data from anywhere. With many companies having home-based workers and employees who frequently travel, there is good reason to invest in HP’s Sure View integrated privacy screens.

Protect your printouts

Today’s powerful, networked printers are targets for data breaches. They are often unsecured and receiving data from multiple users and entry points. HP’s Sure Start printers are a great way to protect your sensitive data throughout the printing process, whether in transit or in the queue. If, like me, you are a fan of AMC shows Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, check out actor Jonathan Banks as he displays the benefits of HP’s Sure Start lineup.

Set realistic expectations

There is no way to guarantee total protection from cyber-attacks. The best approach is to evaluate every environment on a case-by-case basis, and address individual attack vectors accordingly, thereby significantly reducing risks.

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