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CRNtv.com March 8, 2018

Future Tech Enterprise CEO Bob Venero says the new HP Jet Fusion 3-D Printer is a game-changer.

HP launched the printer in February, promising to significantly lower overall operating costs. Venero believes the new printer will transform manufacturing.

“If you said to me that we were going to invest a ton of money into 3-D print, I’d say you were crazy,” said Venero as he showed the 3-D printer to CRNtv. “We believe this is a game-changer over the next two to three years, and it’s going to redefine what people do as far as tooling, build and production.”

The new printers cost around $200,000. The printer is said to achieve up to 65 percent lower cost per part, while wasting less material. Venero adds that it can deliver output up to 10 times faster than its competition.