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Bob Venero, President & CEO, Future Tech Enterprise Inc. May 11, 2018

We’ve all seen cool videos of 3D printers making cars or building houses. And, it’s really a question of when – not if – 3D printing starts revolutionizing the manufacturing sector.

3D printing changes the whole economics of production, allowing companies to customize an idea, produce it to exact specifications, and build it onsite at blazing speeds.

But 3D printing can do much more than that. It offers a range of health and wellness applications.

Thanks to 3D printing and prototyping, new medical discoveries can be pursued more efficiently, with research time and costs dramatically reduced. Quality of life can be enhanced with 3D-printed implants fitted to one’s exact measurements.

Imagine a loved one being rushed to the ER, their life hanging in the balance, and doctors can instantly print and prep an implant for immediate surgery. We’re talking life-saving technology.

In the education sector, several high schools, and even middle schools, are using 3D printing for various purposes. Colleges are using 3D printers to support important research initiatives. Engineering students, mathematics majors and artists are bringing their learning to life in ways that once only existed in our imaginations.

With HP’s latest Multi Jet Fusion technology, companies can drastically reduce overall operating expenditures and boost production. Additional 3D-compatible software can further improve the quality of printing materials and increase performance.

As an award-winning IT solutions provider and authorized reseller of HP 3D print technologies, Future Tech Enterprise, Inc. can simplify your team’s 3D print journey.

Our experts will install your advanced HP 3D printer and show your staff how to make flawless parts, making sure your investment delivers immediate returns.

Let Future Tech help you stay ahead of your competition and unlock the full potential of HP’s Multi Jet Fusion 3D print technology. Speak to a Future Tech 3D print expert and/or schedule an in-person demonstration. (631-472-5500 or email info@ftei.com).