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A New Benchmark for VR-Driven Collaboration

What is the Future Tech CVR appliance?

The Future Tech Collaborative Virtual Reality (CVR) appliance sets a new benchmark for VR-driven collaboration by delivering a fully immersive, high-quality experience that is easily shared among users. It offers companies an ideal solution to help improve training, project planning, and even speed to market. The Future CVR appliance delivers a standardized platform for high-quality, multi-user VR experiences.

Built with a customizable, 3D-printed case, the Future Tech CVR is compact and easy to transport, weighing approximately half the size of traditional multi-user VR units. It also features sound-suppressing and temperature control enhancements.

In addition, the Future Tech CVR appliance features NVIDIA’s latest RTX™ technology, enabling uncompromised performance with real-time ray tracing.

Applications & Industries

Are there particular industries that would benefit the most from using the Future Tech CVR?

The Future Tech CVR is applicable for any business that wants to take advantage of a dynamic, collaborative, virtual reality experiences. To date, we have seen substantial interest from leaders in the aerospace, automotive, defense, energy, entertainment, healthcare, manufacturing, and marine industries.

Real-Time, Fully Immersive VR Experience

Does the Future Tech solution allow for true real-time interaction?

Yes, the Future Tech CVR appliance enables true, real-time interaction and effective collaboration. Future Tech’s CVR appliance is powered with NVIDIA’s latest RTX technology, enabling uncompromised performance with real-time ray tracing.

3D-Printed Case – Lightweight, Portable, and Customizable

How does the size of Future Tech’s equipment compare to those of other systems? Is it the smallest and/or lightest on the market?

With its customizable, 3D-printed case, the Future Tech CVR is compact and easy to transport. It is approximately half the size – weight and height – of traditional multi-user VR units, making it easy to transport into and out of office buildings, and other environments. It’s also equipped with sound reduction and temperature control enhancements that enhance overall durability, performance, and ownership experience.

How can you customize the case?

The 3D-printed case can be customized in many ways, enabling companies to input their own branded look, feel and logos.

Can you describe the sound-suppression features in the Future Tech CVR appliance?

The Future Tech CVR appliance is equipped with a soundproofing/sound deafening acoustical foam barrier. It is a cross-linked, closed cell polymer foam. It is non-toxic and contains no chlorofluorcarbons (CFC), hydrofluorocarbons (HCFC), or hydrocarbon blowing agents. It offers excellent thermal insulations, chemical resistance, low water absorption, and vapor transmission.

What are these cooling enhancements?

Cooling is accomplished by forced air circulation using one of two methods – screened vent baffles or solid state thermal couples with external shielded heat dispersing vanes.

Integrate With Your Existing Equipment

How does the Future Tech CVR integrate with the equipment I already have?

The customizable 3D printed case is designed, specifically, to be lightweight and portable. It can also be fit into standard racks, providing even more user convenience.

Support & Training

Does Future Tech offer training on how to use the Future Tech CVR appliance?

Future Tech offers extensive training and support for the products/services we deliver, including the Future Tech CVR. Support services for the Future Tech CVR include, configuration, end-user training, parts replacement, break fix, transport and more.