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Launched in May 2015, SEWP V is the fifth installment of NASA’s Solutions for Enterprise Wide Procurement (SEWP). SEWP is a Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) consisting of over 140 pre-competed Prime Contract Holders, including more than 110 small businesses.

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Future Tech Enterprise, Inc. is a Prime Contract Holder in Group C on NASA Solutions for SEWP. For all your IT solutions and services, leverage OMB’s Best in Class SEWP V Contract.

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Future Tech & SEWP V Benefits

  • Low Price and Fee: Low GWAC surcharge (0.34%) 
  • Government Oversight: Online tools from SEWP assist acquisition shops with competition and compliance with FAR rules and regulations
  • Small Business Set-asides: Earn credits for your agency when you order from Small Businesses like Future Tech (WOSB, SB)
  • Availability: More than 4 million unique products on contract
  • Speed: Within one day products are added, orders processed, and inquires responded to
  • Customer Service: Support service from staff that is available every step of the way to work with users and Contract Holders.
  • Easy Tracking & Communication: All SEWP orders and tracked from delivery with continuous feedback and reporting to customers and Contract Holders

The NASA SEWP Procurement Vehicle is for IT Products &
Product-Related Services.

Included in the scope of SEWP is:

  • IT hardware, Network & Telecommunications
    – Includes desktops, laptops, servers, supercomputers, etc.
    – Network Appliances (Routers, Modems, VOIP)
    – Storage and Security
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Cloud Computing
  • Mobility & Communications
    – Telecommunication Devices and Services
  • AV Conferencing products
    – A/V Equipment and Accessories
    – Display Monitors, Projectors, Screens, and TVs


  • Peripherals and supplies
    – Printers, power, etc.
  • Services
    – Product-based Training
    – Maintenance and warranty
    – Installation
    – Cabling
    – Site Planning
    – Product-based Engineering Services
Labor Support Services that are not related to a product and not listed above, including general operational support, are available on a limited basis. No more than 5% of the costs of a products being purchases can be used to purchase initial support and services.

SEWP Agency Catalog

Get a personalized SEWP Agency Catalog to save time and money. If you need assistance, SEWP can help. A personalized SEWP Agency Catalog is easy to set up and offers many conveniences.

• No funding to set-up needed or requirements to buy once in place
• No further RFQ/Quotes needed to set-up and review
• Saves money with low fees and volume pricing
• Can be utilized for up to five years
• Allows for slight modifications
• SEWP GWAC tool/portal helps simplify safety and ensure compliance
• EOFY Funds can be utilized at the last hour on September 30th
• Can be used for large, multi-site, complex solutions, professional services, enterprise licenses and support as well as select computer peripherals
• Enables total visibility with reporting from SEWP and the Contractor

Contract Details

Status: Prime Contractor

Contract #: NNG15SC86B

Group: C

NAICS: 541519

Business Designations: WOSB, SB

Expiration: April 30, 2025

DUNS: 962832812

TIN: 11-3350196

CAGE: 094N1

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