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Who Should Own AI & Data Science Programs at Your Company?

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Successful organizations view Data Science as a team effort: an aligned, business-focused team comprised of executive leadership, IT, sales, security, and data scientists.

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Data Science Success Starts with Cross-Functional Teamwork

By Dan Chaney
VP, Enterprise AI & Data Science Solutions
Future Tech Enterprise, Inc.
Contact: dc@ftei.com

In my role, one of the most common questions I get from customers is – Who Should Own AI & Data Science in My Organization?

Should it be business leadership? Should it be IT? Or, should it be the domain of data scientists? My answer is simple.

It’s less important who “owns” AI & Data Science than it is who is “part of it”.

Successful AI & Data Science is a coordinated approach that has professionals bringing their specific areas of expertise and concerns together to use the latest AI and data science tools to solve critical business challenges.

Having the data science team “start at the top,” is helpful, to show the executive sponsorship needed to swiftly clear conflicts (priority, resource, turf, etc.) and ensures that everyone stays business-focused.


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