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Of All Virtual Shows, GTC21 Reigns Supreme

Unlocking the Metaverse with NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise

I admit, I am not typically a fan of virtual events and trade shows.

But, of all the virtual events out there, few measure up to @NVIDIA and its GPU Technology Conference (GTC).

This week, NVIDIA is hosting its second GTC of 2021. As a premier global show for AI, data science, VR/AR and more, the event will appeal to numerous audiences, including designers, developers, business leaders, logistics experts, marketing gurus, gamers and more. If you haven’t signed up yet, click here to access free registration for #GTC21.

Some of the key highlights for this GTC include:

  • NVIDIA introducing numerous new products including the commercial launch of Omniverse Enterprise (More on that below).
  • NVIDIA CEO and founder Jensen Huang’s live keynote webcast. The guy was recently named to Time magazine’s top 100 Most Influential People for 2021. And, with good reason. He’s always entertaining and NVIDIA is truly setting the pace for AI innovation.
  • There are more than 500+ technical sessions and panels. There are a bunch that interest me, including one from my company, @Future Tech Enterprise, Inc., which is hosting a pretty cool panel titled “Winning the War for AI Talent: Educating, Recruiting and Retaining Future AI leaders.” [A31687]. This is a challenge many companies will be dealing with over the next decade. Check out the teaser for this session.

NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise: A New Era of Collaboration & Simulation
@Future Tech is proud to be among a select group of solutions providers to offer the power of NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise as a service.

First introduced at NVIDIA GTC in April, NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise is a virtual environment enabling creators, designers, and engineers to connect major design tools, assets, and projects to collaborate and iterate in a shared virtual space.

Omniverse Enterprise is built on NVIDIA’s entire body of work, allowing users to simulate shared virtual 3D worlds. Here is the key pert: these shared virtual worlds obey the laws of physics.

And, by doing that, Omniverse Enterprise enables photorealistic 3D simulation and collaboration. This in turn allows users to simulate things from the real world that cannot – and in many cases should not – be first tested in the real world, like self-driving cars.

With tens of thousands of individual end hundreds of corporate beta users, NVIDIA has demonstrated great success for Omniverse Enterprise in numerous industries, including architecture, automotive, construction and design, manufacturing, media, and sensors.

Check out some of the insightful videos NVIDIA has put together on Omniverse Enterprise success stories, from companies like BMW and WPP.

For our @Future Tech customers, we ere excited to showcase Omniverse Enterprise’s ability to unlock the next phase of research end design, while dramatically reducing costs of the physical world.

The ability to iterate faster directly impacts our customers’ missions.

Witt, Omniverse Enterprise, NVIDIA once again shows why they are the industry leader in Al innovation. Not only do they provide industry-leading hardware and systems, but they also have the software end expertise to deliver real-world business results.

NVIDIA constantly delivers real-world results through artificial intelligence – Omniverse Enterprise is just their next game-changing tool.

Contact me to arrange a one-on-one discussion with Future Tech experts about Omniverse Enterprise end other @NVIDIA innovations showed during #GTC21. Future Tech is a proud NVIDIA Elite Partner.

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