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Do You Need Data Science Power While On the Go?

Your organization may be qualified to be part of a special Data Science program offered by Dell Technologies, Future Tech Enterprise, Inc. and NVIDIA.

Mobile AI Data Science Workstation Program

Experience the advancement of GPU-powered parallel computing for data science from a mobile workstation! As part of this unique program, we are offering demo units of Dell Precision AI Mobile Workstations equipped with NVIDIA’s RTX 5000 (w/ 16GB GDDR6 cards, 3072 CUDA cores, 384 Tensor cores, fully configured NVIDIA Drivers) – Everything you need for data science on the go!

These units are custom-configured by Future Tech at our Department of Defense (DOD)-cleared facilities. Equipped with more than 200 applications and data science libraries already installed and configured, including the latest versions of common data science tools, such as:







Git / github

R / R Studio





Dell Precision 7740 Mobile Workstation

We will work closely with your team to identify a specific problem area to solve, ensure you have the right hardware and software resources to tackle it, and ensure the success of your organization’s key data science projects. Working together, we can give you a data science win today!

Comprehensive Support

Each unit will be backed by comprehensive support. This includes software installation, patching, maintenance as well as a custom-configured hardware platform with GPU acceleration to support your data analysis needs

Experts from Dell Technologies and Future Tech, as well as NVIDIA Solutions Architects, will work closely with you to enhance your overall data science experience, provide training, and ensure your team’s success.

For more information, visit our Data Science Website at ftei.ai