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Future Tech adamantly believes in giving back to the community. That means working locally and globally to help organizations that research cures for terminal diseases and funding educational institutions that give underprivileged children a chance for a brighter future. 2004 marked the formation of the Bob Venero Children’s Foundation, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives and welfare of children. This institution, founded by Future Tech President, Bob Venero, recently completed the installation of Virtual Offices for every patient bed within the Pediatric Division of Good Samaritan Hospital. A new standard for pediatric care at medical facilities around the world, the Virtual Offices allow hospitalized children to communicate online with friends and family, permit parents to keep up with their work without having to leave their sick child’s side, and aid siblings who need to spend time at the hospital and still get their homework done.

Future Tech is a supporter of the following organizations and charities, to name a few: