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Improving Cybersecurity for Today’s Hybrid Work Environments

Cyber-crime is costing the global economy nearly $445 billion annually. The most common vulnerabilities include email, phishing, ransomware and direct Denial of Service.

While there is no single way to prevent all types attacks, Future Tech offers proven solutions that help companies limit their risks.

AI Solutions That Accelerate Threat Detection & Prevention

Many companies are embracing a cloud-first strategy or hybrid cloud approach. Optimizing cloud security starts with smart investments in AI-powered cybersecurity solutions that provide rapid threat detection and response.

Future Tech has helped numerous Fortune 500 companies evaluate, test and implement AI-tools from leaders like Centrify, DarkTrace, and NVIDIA.

Cybersecurity with Future Tech
Infrastructure with Future Tech

Infrastructure Assessments

Many organizations have older versions of software and databases, or still rely on outdated legacy solutions. This allows new and emerging threats to better penetrate an organization’s defenses.

Future Tech works with industry leaders like SecureWorks to provide a comprehensive set of infrastructure assessments. We identify the critical cybersecurity gaps and provide strategic roadmaps to help ensure cybersecurity is a central part of your device choice and overall IT investment strategy.

Incident Response Planning

Future Tech works with industry-leading OEMs and highly accomplished cybersecurity experts, many of whom have worked with leading federal agencies. Together, we help companies build, test, and update their Incident Response Plans (IRP). An IRP provides clear guidance on what should be done in the event of an attack, and how to mitigate the damage. It clearly identifies the role for each function within an organization. Companies should review their IRP at least once a year.

Cybersecurity Plan with Future Tech
Minimizing Internal Threat Risks with Future Tech

Minimizing the Risk of Internal Threats

Nearly 47% of cyber security losses are caused by insiders. Either an employee opens an email by mistake without authentication, or is disgruntled and releases information, or sells intellectual property.

Future Tech helps organizations adopt the right technology solutions to limit the threat of internal risks. We offer proven solutions from industry leaders like CarbonBlack, DarkTrace, RSA, and more.


Cybersecurity – Closing the Door on Common Vulnerabilities   By Bob Venero & Bray Barnes

Cybersecurity: How Law Enforcement Can Help Your Company   By Bray Barnes & Bob Venero


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