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Future Tech Federal Systems Integrator (FSI) Solutions

Program Space – Complete Solution Design and Delivery

Future Tech has the unique ability to streamline Program IT needs by being a single source for multi-vendor integrated solutions – both hardware and software – for Classified and Unclassified environments at an international level from the SCIF to the endpoint.

Examples include complete IT infrastructure designs and stand ups for both servers and end points – SCIFs, racks, power, cooling, servers, storage, hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), NAS, networking, data protection, virtualization, VDI, workstations, thin clients, laptops, SD-WAN and security – as well as design, implementation and ongoing support of High Performance Computing (HPC) Clusters, AI/ML Clusters and DevSecOps environments.

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Examples of Client Projects

High Performance Computing (HPC) Clusters

Provided both general use HPC and application tuned HPC clusters with high-speed networking including InfiniBand.

Flight Data Analysis

Data ingest from flight recorded data into a shared analysis/simulation environment. Provided the data ingest from the flight recorders to the server environment with shared storage. Provided the data analysis environment with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) including GPUs and thin clients.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Provided HPC environments for CFD analysis including InfiniBand cluster connectivity and high-speed shared storage.

Manufacturing / CAD

Provided high speed GPU VDI environments for remote collaboration and design work. Both the full data center infrastructure and end user workstations/thin clients implemented with SD-WAN connectivity.

AI/ML Clusters

Provided HPC / GPU dense environments for both AI and ML applications.


Provided Enterprise Kubernetes management and DevSecOps environments across multiple hardware and software stacks.

Enterprise IT

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Similar to the Program Space, Future Tech has the proven ability to deliver modern IT solutions to Federal System Integrators (FSIs) to reduce costs while keeping the mission at the forefront. Whether that is building out your Private Cloud, leveraging Public Cloud Hyperscalers, or deploying endpoints to a worldwide workforce, Future Tech has you covered.

Solution Examples

Private Cloud

Fully automated Private Cloud infrastructures for operating in a Public Cloud-like manner – for both traditional servers/VMs and Containers. Enterprise Kubernetes management and DevSecOps across multiple hardware and software stacks.

Hybrid Cloud

Extending Private Cloud functionality to the hyperscale Public Cloud environments while maintaining data security and network interoperability.

Worldwide End Point Deployment

Leveraging leading logistics and multiple in country locations throughout the world to deliver the appropriate end points to your workers. Multiple configuration centers, in-house imaging and customized delivery of multiple OEM providers for a seamless experience.

OEM Partners

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