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Energy & Utilities

The energy and utilities industries are under constant pressure, working to balance customer prices with fluctuating energy costs and frequently changing government regulations. What’s more, many companies in the sector are navigating through all these variables while working to upgrade aging technologies.

Future Tech can help. With extensive experience in the energy and utilities industries, we can ensure you stay competitive while adding the flexibility and performance needed to deliver the level of service customers demand. Our customized solutions include:

Transform Your Training and Collaboration Capabilities with VR

Future Tech now offers a collaborative virtual reality (CVR) platform that delivers a high-quality, fully immersive VR experience that can be easily shared among multiple users.

CVR technology allows you to revolutionize training programs by creating real-world, team-oriented simulations in a virtual environment. The latest NVIDIA RTX™ technology enables uncompromised performance with real-time ray tracing, and Future Tech offers expertly crafted 3D-printed cases that are half the size of traditional CVR platforms, making it all easy to transport and store.

Schedule an in-person demo by emailing cvr@ftei.com. To learn about upcoming demonstrations of the Future Tech CVR appliance, join the Future Tech mailing list.

Lower Your Data Center TCO with Modular and Flexible iFortress

In the constantly changing energy and utilities sector, having flexible and affordable options for data storage facilities is of utmost importance. Future Tech’s iFortress offers the ideal data center solution.

iFortress is a pre-engineered data center facility that assembles in the field, scales to any size, installs quickly and expands easily. It provides an energy-efficient and airtight enclosure that provides significant energy savings while protecting from a wide range of man-made and natural disasters.

Learn more about the many efficiencies and advantages Future Tech’s iFortress provides, or contact us to discuss how it can help your company.

Secure Your Infrastructure Against External Threats

With energy and utilities industries being increasingly targeted by bad actors around the globe, IT security issues are more important than ever. Fortunately, Future Tech offers a full suite of proven solutions that help companies like yours limit risks.

In addition to providing solutions to guard against network intrusions, spyware and viruses, Future Tech can help with physical security and remote monitoring and review your security policies to ensure organizational best practices. We also will help you increase security in portions of your infrastructure that many enterprises overlook, such as printers and laptop screens.

Contact us for a free evaluation of your cyber security protocols from our security experts.

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