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Adaptive, Flexible and Scalable

Future Tech’s iFortress is a pre-engineered data center facility, assembles in the field, scales to any size, installs quickly and expands easily. When completed, it creates a highly insulated, air-tight, hermetically sealed, energy-efficient enclosure, providing significant operational energy savings. The structural performance of the enclosure mitigates the risk of both man-made and natural disasters such as water, fire, smoke, heat, dust, wind, break-in and it has a seismic rating.

It meets all of the international building codes for an exterior structure allowing indoor or outdoor use.

The cost is on par with conventional construction and it offers the lowest TCO.

This time-lapse video shows the assembly of exterior structure and the interior wall construction of our scalable data center solution. This is the second data center for this client, both built in a parking area.

The benefits of our pre-engineered solution are:

Time and Scheduling Efficiencies

• Reduced construction schedules. Assembles quickly and expands easily
• Accelerated path to saving/revenue by delivering the data center to your business sooner
• Pass NFPA Pressurization, first time, every time for the life of the facility

Spatial Efficiencies

• Avoid overbuilt capacity by a scaled build over time. Rightsizing by matching spatial footprint with current technological requirements without limiting the ability to meet future growth
• Adaptive design. Can fit in any space, be built to any size and easily expand as required

Fiscal Efficiencies

• Scaled build over time. Reduced budget by rightsizing
• Avoidance of capital improvement to the building shell and space – the MCF Series iFortress™ meets IBC standards for an exterior building
• Better use of capital by deferring costs until required, potential tax benefits and lease options

Energy and Operational Efficiencies

• Cumulative energy savings – the MCF Series iFortress™ enclosure is airtight, hermetically sealed with R/22 walls, ceiling and doors. In addition, rightsizing means less space to cool
• Reduced maintenance – No dust, no humidity, no pollutants. A controlled environment
• 100% net efficiency gain on zero pressurization costs
• Potential for reduced real estate costs and operating costs by using less desirable space. The MCF Series iFortress™ meets IBC standards for an exterior building

Site Selection and Real Estate Efficiencies

• Unlimited options. The MCF Series iFortress™ meets all of the international building codes allowing a data center to be on a slab outdoors, in warehouses or anywhere within a building including the roof

Security/Risk Mitigation Efficiencies

• Comprehensive risk mitigation- Protects against fire, heat, hurricanes, floods, EMI/RFI, smoke/dust/noxious gas, roof collapse, water (leaks) and break–in
• Disaster prevention versus disaster recovery
• Insurance savings from an increased deductible

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