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Client Examples

A modular data center must be able to support your business needs. This includes being able to scale up, contract and be moved if need be. Below is an example of a data center that was built, disassembled, stored and reused to build a smaller unit to take advantage of higher density servers coupled with virtualization.

Building a data center is a large investment. Any usage within the data center that is not supporting the business is eating into that investment. This client had interior data center whitespace and wanted it to support only the technology. They decide to put the UPS, Battery and Electrical infrastructure outside of the whitespace in what was a parking area.
Government compliance is critical to stay in business. Off-site storage is an important component of compliance. Humidity, dust and many other uncontrollable elements are risk factors to valuable tape storage. A controlled environment is a must.
There are parts of the world where cold temperatures for long periods of time can be used to lower the cost of cooling a data center. Here is an example of a customer who is taking advantage of this.

Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF)

Our solution has been deployed and accredited across multiple Agencies in both CONUS and OCUNUS. It can be deployed, decommissioned and re-deployed. The cost is on par with conventional construction but the deployment eliminates months from the project schedule. It mitigates the risk of natural and man-made disasters such as rain, fire, smoke, water, wind and is seismic rated. Our Sensitive Facility meets International Building Code (IBC). The US based manufacturing facility has been US Government inspected and approved for security purposes