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NVIDIA GTC 2021 Sessions

Future Tech was a Diamond Sponsor for NVIDIA GTC 2021, the world’s leading event focused on AI.
The virtual conference drew more than 150,000 attendees from around the world.
Catch up on sessions you may have missed. 

AI For Good: Advancing AI & Data Science Opportunities in Africa

Session S33150

Learn how NVIDIA and Future Tech Enterprise Inc., are partnering with the United Nations (UN) to enable Data Science and AI capacity building in Africa. The collaborative efforts between the UN and these leading technology companies will help increase pandemic resilience and readiness, strengthen national data systems, create opportunities to improve overall data science and AI capacity as well as provide developers access to super compute like capabilities for the first time. Future Tech CEO, Bob Venero, joins panel with AI leaders from NVIDIA, the United Nations and the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data.

The Impact of AI in Health Care, Part 1: Advancing Research, Fighting Diseases, and Improving Care in Underserved Countries

Presented by Future Tech Enterprise, Inc.
Session S33143

Future Tech sponsored a two-part healthcare series. Part 1 focused on AI’s impact in genomics, fighting diseases and medical research, featured guest panelists from NVIDIA, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Surgo Ventures.

The Impact of AI in Global Health Care, Part 2: How AI Is Making Hospitals Smarter, Patient Care Better

Presented by Future Tech
Session SS33142

Future Tech sponsored a two-part healthcare series. Part 2 focused on how advanced AI solutions, powered by NVIDIA, are helping to make hospitals smarter and more efficient, while also improving patient care. Guest panelists Robin Braun, CIO Global Storage, Healthcare, Dell Technologies; and Dr. Andrew Gostine, CEO, Artisight; join host Geoffrey Levene, Director AI Nations and Cities, NVIDIA.

Rising Impact of AI | Data Science in Sports

Presented by Future Tech Enterprise, Inc.
Session S33145

3x Kaggle Grandmaster Rob Mulla Shares How He’s Translated Kaggle Success Into His Professional Workflow
Sports fans, data scientists, will all enjoy this NVIDIA GTC session, co-sponsored by @HPi and Future Tech Enterprise, Inc.

Digital Twins: Accelerating Engineering Design and Delivery in Aerospace & Defense

Session SE2532

Dan Chaney, Future Tech’s VP, Enterprise AI & Data Science Solutions, joins panel with leaders from SAIC and Lockheed Martin for an in-depth discussion on the benefits of using GPUs in building and managing digital twins through the design engineering lifecycle.

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