Solution Center

Future Tech Delivers More Options for Your Organization’s Unique Needs

The world of information technology changes so rapidly that it can be a challenge for anyone to keep up with the latest innovations and applications. At Future Tech, we understand that not everyone speaks “tech-ese” fluently; that’s why we created a state-of-the-art IT laboratory where clients can come in and test a variety of hardware and software from the industry’s leading manufacturers. We invested millions of dollars in an on-site Solution Center to help solve your biggest IT challenges and requirements. You’ll have direct access to our Technical Team that includes subject matter experts who can guide you along the way and ensure you have the best possible solutions for your unique business needs.

Test Drive the Newest Releases from the Major Manufacturers

The Future Tech Solution Center is one of the greatest value propositions we offer our customers. In partnership with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) like HP, Dell, IBM, Brother, Lenovo and others, Future Tech has created a multi-OEM showroom that offers direct access to a variety of cutting-edge technology solutions. In the Solution Center you can test products and software applications to see which ones are a good fit for your corporate strategies.

For example, sit at a workstation to get an immediate understanding of the work space and experience its synergies. Or grab a laptop and head to the couch for an “at-home” or “on the road” experience. Type on an ergonomic keyboard or work with a wireless mouse to see if these innovations will help keep your team at top productivity and efficiency. You can also view our servers and storage / virtualization solutions, test a multi-function printer, inquire about custom software applications, added-value services like Asset Recycling, or evaluate the differences among several copiers.

In addition to product testing and customer-centric solution presentations, you can see our Help Desk staff in action as they solve a myriad of IT challenges our clients face each day. In addition to being on call 24/7/365, Future Tech’s support team is available to organizations who require full-time or contract-based on-site support services.

Solution Center at Future Tech Enterprise Inc

Imagine … on any given day, you can join representatives from any vertical market – education, aerospace, finance, health care and more – and experience the ideal configuration, software, hardware or other asset, that can help improve your business resilience, lower your operating costs, boost productivity and drive your organization into the future. It’s all happening at the Solution Center.

In addition to our state-of-the-art Solution Center, Future Tech operates the innovative Insource America program, an IT Help Desk program designed to take individuals off of government-assistance programs by giving them skills and certification in IT Help Desk, as well as real-life experience working with Fortune 1000 companies.