Wireless Networking & Security

Future Tech Enterprise, Inc. has emerged as a leading Wireless Networking & Security Solutions Provider with extensive experience in hotels, university and college campuses, sporting arenas, museums, and many other industries. Our fully supported networks allow our customers to provide their guests and employees with Wireless broadband (Wi-Fi) access that is fast, reliable — and most importantly — easy to use. Growing use of laptop computers and an increasingly mobile workforce has fuelled the demand for wireless networks.

Future Tech’s Wireless Mantra: “Anytime, Anywhere”
With every implementation, Future Tech raises the bar in order to keep pace with this ever-evolving technology. Our designs are targeted to bridge the gap between our customers’ requirements, wireless accessibility and wireless security. As technology changes and trends emerge, Future Tech will change the design, but not the model that has made us successful: Anytime, anywhere.

In today’s fast-paced environment, being disconnected from the information superhighway is not an option. Our wireless networks allow you to connect your offices, keep in touch with your family, and gain access to online resources that enhance your everyday life. Future Tech strongly believes that secure networking is a focal point of today’s connected environments. We’ve found that technology coupled with user awareness makes for a success story. That’s why our solutions incorporate components from vendors on the cutting edge of security, making sure that your valuable information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Our carefully selected partners include Cisco, 3COM, and Proxim, to name a few. Future Tech’s implementation incorporates a careful site survey of the facility, an evaluation of the requirements document from the customer, a design plan that includes the location of the Wireless Access Points and their wiring, a detailed configuration plan, the possible connectivity to in-house Property Management Systems (PMS), the configuration of security features, and the standard operating procedures required for in-house staff to manage these features. All installations are concluded by an acceptance test and the training of the in-house staff to handle first level support calls from customers. Future Tech also offers Help Desk support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year via its Wireless Operations Center (W.O.C.), extending the first level support capabilities of the in-house staff to a full-blown Call Center offering.