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With teachers who are constantly on the move, digital-native students who need access to the right technology, and budgets that are always tight, it’s never been more challenging to be responsible for IT in an educational environment.

Fortunately, Future Tech Enterprise has vast experience in the education sector, helping clients keep their network and technology at optimal levels and providing smart solutions that give teachers and students the tools they need for success. We also help ensure districts are meeting local and federal IT education requirements, programs and grants. Our customized solutions include:

Wireless Networking

As education continues to involve greater amounts of streaming content all the time, and requiring access to that content from just about anywhere, maintaining an efficient wifi network has never been more important.

Future Tech is a leader in wireless networking, with extensive experience building and maintaining secure, reliable networks that are easy to use and keep pace with high bandwidth demands. We work with only the best partners to deliver the service you need. We’ll handle it all, from an evaluation of your network and buildout of a design plan, to configuration and installation.

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Managing Procurement to Keep Up with Your Needs

With teachers, administrators and staff typically spread across many locations, and constantly evolving needs, managing procurement can be a challenge for educational IT departments. Future Tech helps keep everything simple and streamlined, handling everything from ordering and installation to testing and upgrading.

With access to more than 500 different manufacturers’ solutions, product integration services, e-commerce and online ordering capabilities, Future Tech can handle all of your unique procurement needs.

Secure Document Access

Teachers and students are highly mobile, using a wide variety of devices to access important documents from multiple locations on- and off-campus. It’s critical to provide the flexibility they need while also keeping everything fully secure and always-on.

Future Tech offers many solutions that can help keep your educators and students online and mobile, with secure, fast access to everything they need. We make it easy for users as well as for your IT staff, helping with important elements like data storage, networking and security protocols.

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