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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Future Tech Experts Offering Free Consultation on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Future Tech is helping many clients support their mobile workforce plans. As part of our efforts, we are educating companies about the benefits of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). To learn how VDI can help your company, or how to improve your current VDI architecture, schedule a free VDI Health Check.

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Future Tech experts have performed major VDI architecture projects for Fortune 100 companies in the aerospace and defense industry, large healthcare networks, regional financial institutions, innovative architecture firms, and more.

Benefits of VDI

With a VDI architecture, desktops are delivered as a managed service from a data center. Employees can use any device to access a virtual desktop, including a PC, Laptop, Phone or tablet. Along with the added convenience and flexibility employees will have working on their preferred device/s, there are many other benefits that a VDI architecture can bring, including:

  • Improved Security: VDI will enable all your data to reside securely in your datacenter. If your laptop is lost or stolen, all data remains safe in the datacenter. You can access your desktop just as you left it on another device.
  • Ease of backups: Having your desktops reside within your datacenter ensures your important data is backed up in case the need for a restore is required.
  • Simplify desktop management: Centralized desktop administration will ease IT cycles, as well as creates a single pane of glass to manage the VDI infrastructure. Virtual desktops can be deployed and setup instantly using templates and policies.
  • Save bandwidth: With a secure gateway, your employees can connect outside of your dedicated VPN hardware, freeing up bandwidth. All datacenter resources will be local via the VDI machine. This means you can access files/services just as quickly if you are home, traveling or in the office.
  • Performance: In many cases, a VDI will perform better than a normal laptop/desktop. Utilizing enterprise grade hardware is faster and more resources can be made available to your VDI then your physical laptop/desktop can provide.

VDI, or more accurately, the Modern Digital Workspace, is an ideal solution for many companies. It allows employees to access the systems from anywhere, from any device. With the right VDI solution, you can give your team the flexibility and convenience they want, keep your data secure in your data center, and simplify desktop administration.