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Fred Hoffmann, CIO Future Tech Enterprise, Inc

  • Hoffmann has more than 25 years of experience leading IT programs for companies in the financial, healthcare, manufacturing, and technology sectors
  • Will help lead Future Tech’s domestic and international expansion efforts, as well as support company’s investments in emerging technologies – AI, Data Science, Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Founded in 1996, Future Tech is an IT partner-of-choice for many Fortune 500 companies

August 10,‌ ‌2020‌ – Future Tech Enterprise, Inc., an award-winning, global IT solutions provider, today named Fred Hoffmann as its new Chief Information Officer (CIO).

In his role, Hoffmann will lead the company’s IT function and serve as a key member of Future Tech’s executive leadership team. He will help support Future Tech’s ongoing domestic and international expansion efforts, as well as the company’s investments in emerging technologies, such as, AI, Data Science, and Collaborative Virtual Reality (VR).

“Fred Hoffmann is an ideal addition for the Future Tech team,” said Bob Venero, president and CEO of Future Tech Enterprise, Inc. “He has the experience of leading sophisticated IT functions for global organizations and a clear, long-range vision for how Future Tech will further differentiate itself from competitors.

“Under Fred’s leadership, Future Tech will continue to deliver a standard of excellence for IT procurement, services and logistics, and help customers better integrate emerging technologies, like AI, data science and collaborative virtual reality, across their business operations.”

Throughout his 25-plus year career, Hoffmann has built and overseen successful IT teams for companies in the financial services, healthcare, manufacturing and technology sectors.

He joins Future Tech from Network Outsource, where he was Virtual CTO, overseeing the company’s suite of IT managed services. He had previously served as CTO for Grassi & Co., a financial and professional services firm, and held numerous leadership positions with companies like KPMG/BearingPoint, Custom Computer Specialists, and Cabletron Systems.

A resident of East Islip, NY, Hoffmann will be based at Future Tech’s global headquarters in Holbrook, NY. To speak with Fred Hoffmann and the Future Tech engineering team about any of your company’s IT projects or challenges, please use the contact form below.

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