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Modular Data Centers, Cloud vs. On-Prem, Hyper Converged

Future Tech helps companies solve their data storage and security challenges. We offer advanced modular data centers, hybrid cloud, and hyper converged solutions.

Modular Data Centers

Future Tech’s iFortress modular data center totally changes the value proposition for a data center build. It’s adaptable, airtight, hermetically sealed, energy efficient, and easy to construct. In fact, with its tongue-and-groove panelized system, an iFortress can be constructed with only a ratchet.

This time lapse video assembly shows how a 1,440 square foot data center was fully assembled in 16 days, allowing it to be operational 8 weeks sooner than conventional construction.

iFortress meets all international building codes for an exterior structure allowing indoor or outdoor use.


“It’s about ensuring the reliability of data. If the connection to the cloud goes down, companies still need to be able to work. The challenge is figuring out which data sets are classified in which area. It’s all a delicate balance across many industries,” said Bob Venero, CEO, Future Tech Enterprise, Inc. in June 2018 edition of Control Engineering.
Bob Venero

President & CEO, Future Tech Enterprise Inc

Cloud vs. On-Prem

We know that smart data management is complex. No approach works for all situations.

Our experts help organization’s make informed decisions about Cloud vs. On-Prem options.

Expert Training

Future Tech conducts frequent training sessions with its team of experts and leading OEM partners, like VMware.

We have conducted many VxRail trainings that show how hyper-converged solutions are here to stay and how Dell Technologies and VMware are driving enhanced hardware and software integration. With the latest VxRail model and vCenter from VMware, you can manage both your private Software Defined Data Center and VMware on AWS.

If you’re planning a data center build, have storage questions, or want training on emerging technologies, like SDDC, SD/WAN, VR/AR, converged, contact us.

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