Configuration & Imaging

Future Tech offers a range of configuration and imaging services, including:

  • Build-to-order hardware and software configurations
  • Server configurations
  • Network builds at center
  • Board level repairs
  • Software loads
  • Image management and deployment
  • Asset tagging/custom labeling
  • Burn-in system hardware
  • Media duplication services
  • Leasing program available for any size project, including rollouts

FTEI Configuration & Imaging

Future Tech Creates Private Secure Imaging Network for Leading University Hospital Network

To support a leading university’s hospital network and medical school, Future Tech created a private VMware network to securely link the organization’s SCCM node into our Future Tech-hosted imaging environment. As part of this initiative, Future Tech procured a Dell VRTX server and installed ESXi on it. This has helped the university’s team easily reach the SCCM node over the VPN and manage it according to their standards, while allowing Future Tech’s technical experts to simultaneously manage and support the VMware environment.

FTEI Configuration

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