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Future Tech is a Dell Titanium Partner

Future Tech and NetApp can help you build a modern hybrid cloud that unifies your infrastructure and frees your data to move where it needs to be, so your data-centric business can adapt and change direction quickly in the name of gaining competitive advantage.

Technological Innovation - Future Tech + Dell

Hybrid cloud solutions: Unified for agility

Allow your applications and components to interoperate in a borderless world. And empower your data to move around with the unhindered ease of an experienced diplomat. Where you go with your newfound agility is up to you.

Why NetApp for hybrid cloud?
Hybrid cloud is a mixed computing, storage, and services environment made up of on-premises infrastructure, private cloud services, and one or more public clouds. The primary benefit of a hybrid cloud infrastructure is agility.

NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP – Enterprise Cloud Storage

Cloud Volumes ONTAP is a software-defined storage offering that delivers advanced data management for file and block workloads. With Cloud Volumes ONTAP, you can optimize your cloud storage costs and increase application performance while enhancing data protection, security, and compliance.


Drastically lower TCO for native cloud storage.


Increase response time on native cloud storage.


Replicate data quickly and easily across zones, regions, and clouds.


Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your data is always restorable.


Benefit from built-in data security that you control.


Leverage always-on, AI-driven privacy compliance controls.

Business people after closing a deal on Dell products and services from Future Tech

Think NetApp for cloud services

As the cloud storage expert, it goes without saying NetApp Cloud Services are second to none. 

Future Tech and NetApp help simplify and accelerate your cloud transformation by delivering unmatched control, protection, and efficiency for your data workloads and applications running in the cloud. We also happen to be BFFs with the biggest public clouds, so our tightly integrated cloud volumes services make it easy to migrate and manage your workloads with ease.

Shrink your data footprint by up to 96%.

Run any workload up to 20x faster and 20% cheaper.

Create up to a 100 TB volume.

Data storage for today and far into the future

NetApp is a proven leader when it comes to modernizing and simplifying your storage environment. From simple, smart, trusted storage for shared NAS and SAN environments to arrays built for dedicated, high-bandwidth applications like data analytics and disk-based backup, we work with you to design the perfect solution.

And when you’re ready to grow, we’ll be there with the latest technologies that we’re helping to shape. Like today’s NVMe, a storage access and transport protocol that delivers the highest throughput and fastest response times yet for enterprise workloads.

Business people after closing a deal on Dell products and services from Future Tech

Primary use cases

Data center modernization

Accelerate your AI journey

Reduce overall risk

Technological Innovation - Future Tech + Dell

Get absolute control of data management solutions

Our solutions give you complete control over your data with simplicity, efficiency, flexibility, and a throne to match.

Why NetApp for data management?
Every data symphony needs a great conductor. NetApp data management solutions empower you to manage your data — on your premises and across private and public clouds — with unprecedented flexibility.

Our data management solutions help you drive simplicity and efficiency by using software management tools designed to work together, leverage insights to make better-informed decisions, and boost performance, resilience, and protection.

From intelligence and automation to management and monitoring, a comprehensive enterprise data management plan from Future Tech and NetApp help you pull it all together with ease.

Dell powers the remote workforce

Simplify and automate storage

Dell enhances data protection

High-performance workloads

Dell high performance computing solutions

Cloud management efficiency

Dell solutions for K-12 education

Better intelligence, smarter operations

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