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Data Science Workstations

80% Reduction in End-to-End Data Science Workflows with Future Tech

Future Tech’s Data Science Workstations (DSW) can reduce end-to-end data science workflows by up to 80%, helping your team to work smarterfaster and safer. Equipped with NVIDIA RAPIDS, Future Tech’s DSW integrates all the computing power needed – hardware and software – to help you plow through data.

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NVIDIA RAPIDS enables enterprises to tap into GPU-accelerated machine learning (ML) with faster model iteration, better prediction accuracy, and the lowest data science total cost of ownership (TCO).

NVIDIA RAPIDS has a similar look and feel to working in Python, with optimized NVIDIA® CUDA® primitives. This allows you to accelerate your Python data science toolchain with minimal code changes. Also, no need to learn new tools.

​Our OEM Partners

Future Tech collaborates with a series of strategic alliance partners to deliver customized, integrated DSW build designs for a variety of OEM equipment. This includes HP (surrounding their line of Z Workstations), Dell Technologies and Lenovo.

Future Tech offers NVIDIA solutions on HP Z workstations, Dell, and Lenovo products, among others
NVIDIA Elite Partner 2019

​Future Tech is a proud recipient of the NVIDIA 2019 Partner of the Year Award for Professional Visualization

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Other advantages of Future Tech’s DSW include:

  • Lower Costs than Cloud: Enables bigger data sets, larger more frequent regressions and increased number of users at a lower cost vs. Cloud;
  • Improved Security: Single work station can keep sensitive data local, on-prem, without the risk of putting it into the cloud;
  • Better Control Your Development Environment: Create, manage and update your software stack to your exact specifications.
  • Use For Multiple Applications: Convenient and flexible solution can be used for Data Science or VR applications.

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