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IT Procurement

Future Tech offers various product procurement services, including access to over 500 different manufacturers’ solutions, product integration services, e-commerce, and online ordering capabilities.  We believe that procurement should be simple and streamlined so you can focus on the next step: leveraging newly acquired technologies to meet your business needs.

Our highly skilled technicians can build a system from its core, and custom configure industry standard components. They can also install, configure, and test third-party components such as additional storage, multi-media options, memory expansion, network interface cards, and modems.

The Future Tech Procurement Advantage

FTEI Procurement KPIs

We can load application software packages or company-specific software images onto systems and build and configure entire networks, including servers, PCs, hubs, routers, and switches. We install all hardware, load and configure server and client network operating system software, and test the completed network. We’ll deliver the “ready-to-run” network to your location for your team or our team to deploy, whichever you prefer.

Future Tech’s Systems Integration Department is state-of-the-art, meeting and exceeding manufacturers’ standards for criteria such as Electrostatic Discharge (ESD). When you request that a unit or network installation be “burned in,” we utilize factory-level testing procedures and software, stressing all subsystems and ensuring that it is functioning as specified.

Enterprise Customer Portal

Future Tech’s Enterprise Customer Portal allows you to order online, check order status, see A/R balances, and much more.

Online Ordering

Customers can easily place orders via our Customer Enterprise Portal. The online ordering system is fully integrated into Future Tech’s ERP system and your order is processed within seconds after you place it.

Customized Catalogs

Shop from our entire catalog, which includes hundreds of thousands of items, or can limit their customized catalogs to any subset of the whole.

Quick Product Search

Users can search their catalog by manufacturer’s part number, FTEI part number, product description, or product category. Users can also reorder from purchase history and/or create a list of frequently purchased items that can be accessed at the touch of a button.

Requisition Processing

Streamline your internal requisition processes. Users can be assigned different levels of purchasing rights, and they can enter requisitions that will be electronically routed to the appropriate personnel for approval. Approvers can utilize the customer portal to view and process any pending requisitions.


Future Tech’s Enterprise Customer Portal is authentic and all transactions are secured by SSL encryption.

Order Inquiry

Check order status online. A searchable listing of all open orders can be viewed via the Enterprise Customer Portal with drilldown capabilities into the detail of each order. You can easily see the specific status of each order in the system, eliminating the need to pick up the phone to check on an order. Users can search for orders by purchase order number or Future Tech order number. Tracking numbers are also available with direct links to the carrier’s Web site.

Account Inquiry

Users can use the Customer Enterprise Portal to inquire as to the overall status of their account with Future Tech. Check your A/R balances or the status of payment on individual invoices. Copies of invoices can be generated with the click of a button.

Electronic Order Confirmations

Customers will receive order confirmation via e-mail once the order has been placed. Customers also have the option of receiving shipping confirmations via e-mail once the product has been shipped.


Customers can tailor their site to utilize any currency. Currency conversions are done internally based on current exchange rates.


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